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Parker Painting Services

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Left Coast Painting is the premier company when it comes to offereing Parker painting services.  We spend a lot of time at home. That’s obvious. The impact that this can have on you though, might not be so obvious. If the look and feel of your home is drab and uninspired, it might leave you feeling the same way. This isn’t the lift you need everyday to get things done. Reinventing the stolid and faded feel of your home might be the place to start. What’s the most effective, and easiest way, to do that? One’s that’s also cost effective?

Well, we have the solution. We think it might be time to immerse your home in a fresh and vibrant new color.  We offer a range of painting services, including both interior painting and exterior painting, to give you and your home the boost you need.

Aurora, CO

    Left Coast Painting, Parker Painting Services

    About Us

    We are driven by one simple, overriding, goal: to turn your home into the best environment to spend time. This means you should anticipate getting home every day. That your home has a level of excitement about it. If the look of feel of your home is boring, it isn’t creating this atmosphere of excitement and interest. We know this is what you want, but how to get it? Well updating the damaged and worn paint, and getting a fresh new color splashed throughout your home might be a good place to start.

    You’ll be surprised the buoyancy and energy a simple paint job will give your home. We are the painting company that can deliver all of this and more with our range of professional services.

    You know our goal; now see how we achieve it. We can give your home the increased levels of excitement and energy you need through our range of painting services. Nothing provides your home that feeling of buoyancy than a bold and vibrant facelift. Or a fresh new color running riot on your walls. Best of it, it’s affordable and straightforward, so there’s no need break the bank and be inconvenienced at home.

    We also provide a range of painting ideas if you aren’t sure what might work. But it goes beyond just painting though, and we offer a range of other services to keep your home clean and functioning, so that it doesn’t cause you any undue stress. We are the “painting company near me” that can do it all for you.

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    Exterior Painting

    The exterior of your home is a message to the outside world. One that’s always visible. Sending the right message and providing the best reflection of your home is important. Damaged and worn paint isn’t sending the message you want, we know. Solve this problem with our exterior painting service and give everyone the best impression and feel for your home. We are the painting contractors who can help you send the message that you want.

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    Interior Painting

    With a range of professional products, like Behr paint, and true professional service, we can spice up the interior of your home with our home painting service. Whether it’s wall painting or ceiling painting you’ll see the difference it can make immediately. We can also help you out if your dealing with damaged paint too, and can help you with kitchen paint, bedroom paint, living room paint and any type of interior paint services.

    “After getting some water damage in our drywall we called Left Coast Painting. We’re so glad we did. They were amazing to deal with from the beginning and did amazing work, fast.” Jay. L

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    Cabinet Painting

    Cabinets are often a stand out feature of a room, especially your kitchen. They can quickly ruin the feel of your kitchen, though, if they are faded and dull. But our cabinet painting service can help you avoid this. We offer both kitchen cabinet painting and staining kitchen cabinets services, to ensure your cabinets only ever enhance the look and feel of your kitchen.

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    Drywall Repair

    The drywalls in your home can be subject to range of different damage, some serious and some simply more superficial and unsightly. Water damage, which is quite common, is one on the more serious end of the scale and can result in a number of problems. Whatever damage your drywalls experience, no matter how serious, you don’t need to worry. We provide a professional drywall repair service that can repair any damage they sustain.

    “We were so happy with Left Coast Painting. Our kitchen, bathroom and living room all look spectacular now.” Cindy. K

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    Exterior Staining

    Wood can be a great material to build with around your home. However, if left out in the elements unprotected, wood can be susceptible to range of damage, from rotting to mold growth. This all means more money wasted on constant repair. With our exterior staining, you can protect the wooden surfaces around your home. We offer a deck stain, including a deck sealer, and a fence stain too. You can be confident your fence and deck will last with the best protection.

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    Pressure Washing

    The exterior of your home, and other outdoor surfaces, can get experience a build up of dirt, dust and other bacteria. It’s inevitable given their location. Pressure washing can be a great way to these areas clean, fast and effectively. We offer a pressure washer service, including a deck wash and a house wash, that can help you keep the exterior of your home and other surrounding surfaces clean.

    “I needed to get my deck stained, but simply didn’t have the time. Left Coast Painting did it for me in no time. They were great.” Mike. P

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    Whether it’s interior or exterior painting, getting home painting done can be the best way to provide your home with a fresh new energy and vibe. Spending all your time in a place that’s dull and uninspiring probably isn’t a positive. Liven up your home with some bold and vibrant colors and get the most out of the space you have to work with. To give your home the lift that it needs you can contact us today. We provide a comprehensive range of house painting services.