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Exterior Staining

This is a picture of an exterior staining.

Wood can be a great and practical material to use for building things around your home, like fences and decks. It’s a naturally stunning material that offers durability and a timeless look. Without the proper protection though, and being constantly exposed to the elements year-round, it can sustain real damage and be in need of quite a bit of repair.

This can be costly and cause you unnecessary stress. Staining is the best, and most simple, way to ensure wood has the necessary protection to really last, even when outdoors year-round.


Deck Stain

Decks are a great place in any home. They can help to effortlessly blend the interior and exterior of your home into one open, breathing and flowing area that can be a great place to entertain and enjoy the company of loved ones. Given their location and practical application, it’s important to ensure they have the necessary protection to last, so you can continue to use them and enjoy the benefits.

A deck stain can provide the protection you need. We provide a range of exterior staining services, including a deck sealer service, to ensure your deck lasts.


Fence Stain

Your fence, like your deck, is a reasonably important part of your home and property, that’s also constantly exposed to the outdoors. Wood can be adversely affected when left out in the elements year-round. This can mean you’ll be up for never ending repairs, which can get expensive and be a real waste of time.

Getting a fence stain is great way to offset a number of problems this exposure can result in and save you money and time on repairs. We can help you to get your fence stained, so you don’t need to deal with a never-ending cycle of problems.



Whether it’s getting your fence or deck stained, staining is a great form of protection and can increase lifespan and durability of wood. Unsealed wood can be at danger of succumbing to rot, something can cause a wide range of problems and is best avoided. Staining is also protection against moisture and sunlight, both of which can cause your wooden fence or deck seriously problems if they aren’t protected against them.

Ensuring that your wooden fence and deck are protected from the elements is the best way to ensure they have a longer lifespan.


Visual Appeal

You could paint your wood to give it real appeal, sure. But part of the charm and classic appeal of wood lies in the natural look the grain. It’s why we often use wood to build things like decks and fences in the first place. Painting wood covers up that natural beauty that you sought after.

Staining leaves the grain visible, and thus helps wood keeps it’s naturally stunning and appealing look. If you want a bit of color though, stains also come in tints. Meaning you can get a nice color and still have that natural wood look that is so charming and timeless.

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